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My artistic work is best described as dreamy, and ethereal.  It is this part of the message that brings me more joy than any other single component of the artistic journey. We all have a little child living within us looking to bust out and run with the wind in our faces. Allowing that voice to control the direction of seasoned techniques brings the wonder and awe held within all the possibilities of the photograph. Many times, this ethereal result is not necessarily shown through nature's canvas. In other words....sometimes my locations would be considered "boring" to many photographers. Many would not even bother. I just "see" things differently. With multiple exposures, nothing needs to stay where it is, or what it is! I refuse to approach my art with the  "constraint"  philosophy(s) concocted by other photographers (who may scoff at my work). 

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles during the sixties and seventies, with houses and people as far as the eye could see. Truly, the only time I felt absolute freedom was either while swimming in the Pacific, or spending time "lost" in the woods while on vacation. These quiet times spent in the context of nature in deep thought without the clutter of outside influences were precious...and missed, and then I picked up a camera.

Photography helps to bring that meditation back for me, and that is what I attempt to bring to my artistic work.


Photography should never harm the environment or disturb nature simply to "make the shot". Respect the fact that other creatures share our world and deserve a gracious attitude when we intrude into their lives.

Respect trail boundaries and the frailty of plant life that may end up under foot.

Love our beautiful earth, it's the only one we have.

Art is not an expectation, it is neither bound by expectations, or anybody's assumed order of things. I have been trained in photography as a "purest", but if the final piece requires something else, I will employ those measures (and disclose them)

About Wedding Photography: I am more than willing to do weddings and have made photos for about a dozen or so. Wedding photography is performed by request only and the price/coverage is negotiable. Drop me a line and I can link you to our engagement and wedding photographs.